Thursday, November 27, 2014

Last COSI 'Green' Tech & Solutions Blog

After 5 years, this is the last COSI 'Green' Technology & Solutions blog. We will, however, continue to maintain the associated COSI 'Green' Technology web site. We thank the thousands of visitors that took the time to visit the site and read our blogs.

One final note -  You might want to read the Executive Summary of the latest report on the 'Future of Global Climate Economy' at

Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's Easy! It's Time! Go ahead and install Linux on your old XP PC

I finally started broke down and bought a new laptop to replace my old one at home that still runs Microsoft XP. I started using Windows 8.1 and was not pleased. So many unwanted features that keep disrupting my use of the computer. I guess it will just take time to adjust, but...

As a result, I decided to install Linux Mint on my old XP laptop. I looked on the web and found an article entitled “How to install Linux Mint on your XP PC” published by ZDNet. Great article! I followed the instructions and within an hour had installed Linux on my old PC.

Fantastic, easy to do, and so much more user friendly. Oh! Also at no cost. I avoided this for years. Silly me. I had tried Linux about 6-7 years ago and was not pleased. I went back to my trusty Microsoft XP system. But times have changed. I am really impressed with Linux Mint.

As a result, my new PC running Windows 8.1 has become my backup system and my old PC running Linux Mint has become my primary system. BTW – it came with Firefox, LibreOffice, GIMP, Thunderbird eMail, and many other of the best free and open source software (FOSS) products.

I highly recommend that anyone that has an old PC running XP should install Linux Mint before they think about buying a new PC with Windows 8.1  Share this with your friends.

Friday, May 16, 2014

'Open Innovation' Movement

The central idea behind 'open innovation' is that organizations cannot afford to rely entirely on their own internal research and development processes. Organizations today must learn to collaborate with external entities such as customers, rival companies, academic institutions, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and global open source communities. Many of the best ideas for new solutions, products and services no longer originate in well-financed corporate or government laboratories. They can now come from anyone on the planet. See Wikipedia.

Organizations with collaborative 'open innovation' programs have learned to embrace external ideas and knowledge in conjunction with internal R&D. A company that is focused too internally - a firm with a 'closed' approach – may miss major new opportunities because many innovations may appear to fall outside the organization's current business operations. Open innovation can be a more profitable way for organizations to innovate.  It  can help reduce costs, reduce risk, better leverage scarce resources, improve product quality, accelerate time to market, and create new revenue streams a company.

Some of the growing number of companies that have embraced 'Open Innovation' include IBM, Toyota, Kraft Fiat, BASF, Unilever, Aetna, Red Hat, SAP, P&G, HP, GE, Cisco, AmGen, AstraZeneca, Humana, and many more. Join the 'open innovation' movement! Many organizations in the global 'Green Community' have.

Selected 'Open Innovation' Sites to Visit

Collaboration 'Open' Solutions and Innovation (COSI) strategies are  essential for organizations to keep moving forward and be successful in the 21st century.

Collaboration + Open Solutions = Innovation