Sunday, January 12, 2014

Too much solar power being generated in some states?!

A couple of recent articles on solar energy caught my attention. 

Apparently there are issues with too much solar energy being generated that is impacting power companies in Hawaii, Calif, Arizona... Power companies may have to cut back on buying coal and oil for their plants. Interesting problem for states to have. See …

Also, another related article "System overload slows Hawaii’s solar energy boom". Too much solar power being generated. Power company must stop buying coal and oil and figure out a new business strategy.  See

Apparently, once you get about 10% of homes and/or businesses installing solar power, it starts to dramatically effect the status quo. Imagine reducing the countries dependence on Middle East oil, reducing the countries carbon footprint, ...

Have you taken the first tentative steps to using solar powered devices and installing the first solar panel on your house?

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