Sunday, September 26, 2010

WV 'Green' Tech & Solutions

This blog was started to help further raise awareness in West Virginia of 'green' issues, technologies, and solutions. Building up our investment in 'green' technology, 'green' manufacturing, 'green', companies, 'green' jobs, and government policies to support the 'greening' of America and West Virginia which will be good for our country and our economy.

The following are selected links to some 'green' technology and alternative energy companies in West Virginia:
  • Acacia Environmental - Provides consulting services and guidance on a wide range of environmental issues.
  • Alterra.Com - A supplier of renewable energy hardware and systems for homes and small businesses in southern WV.
  • Anglers Electric & Solar- A local solar energy contractor and installer in the Eastern Panhandle of WV.
  • Mountain View Solar & Wind- Based in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, they install solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, and wind power systems.
  • NextEra & Mountaineer Wind Energy Center - A leading clean energy provider operating wind, natural gas, solar, and hydroelectric power plants – including the Mountaineer Wind Energy Center and wind farms in Tucker and Preston counties, WV.
  • Power In My Back Yard (PIMBY) - Conducts site assessments and installs solar photovoltaic, solar hot water, and wind power systems for your home or small business. Operating out of Thomas, WV.
  • WV GreenWorks - Providing information resources, training and services aimed at helping develop green economy initiatives, sustainable businesses, and the creation of green jobs in local communities.
  • WV Solar.Com - A source for Alternative Energy Products WV covering solar, wind and micro hydro-electric systems. Operating out of Philippi, WV.
There are also numerous other Recycling, Scrap Metal, Junk Removal, Waste Disposal, Environmental Cleanup, Consulting, etc.  companies across WV. 

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