Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Church & 'Green' Solutions

[by Peter Groen]
For many years the Christian community assumed that `Green' issues were not their concern - but belonged to the realm of the`New Age' movement. However, environmentally conscious churches and Christian universities are part of a changing trend and growing movement. There is an increased awareness by faith communities that the environment is in great need of attention. The once-tiny Christian environmental movement began quickly accelerating in 2006, when 85 prominent evangelical leaders signed on to the Evangelical Climate Initiative calling for action on global warming. Their numbers are continuing to grow.

It is hard to imagine that God is indifferent to the widespread destruction of the world He created. To think that we can claim on the one hand to love God, and then to be indifferent to His creation, is tragic. We are now seeing the consequences of choices by human society that opt for personal comfort at the cost of the survival of the wider creation. There are many ways for Christians to spread God's word and share their faith by caring for his creation. Our biblical convictions and our relationship to God should lead us to pray and take action now to be better stewards of this world, before it is too late. See

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December 2008: New coal-fired power plants are a "black and toxic Christmas present", according to Christian Aid. The aid agency said indications that the Government will allow the building of new coal-fired power stations before technology is developed to capture and store their carbon emissions dramatically undermines the UK claims to be leading the battle against climate change. 

There is a need to "wake up consciences," Pope Benedict said in a recent interview. "We have to give impulse to rediscovering our responsibility and to finding an ethical way to change our way of life." Benedict said that politicians and experts must be "capable of responding to the great ecological challenge and to be up to the task of this challenge. We have our responsibilities toward Creation."

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Some people don't like to bring religion into issues. However, I think it's important since 'going green' often requires a change in key beliefs. Let us know if your 'church', whatever your religion may be, is getting involved in this movement to be better stewards of the planet.  Thanks.

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