Friday, November 26, 2010

'Green' Computer Plans, Policies, and Information

All public and private sector organizations today should incorporate a commitment to using 'green' technology in their corporate vision statement. Their plans and policies should include a commitment to:
  • green computing, recycling, and waste management;
  • green computer systems constructed of biodegradable materials;
  • green computer systems that are energy efficient;
  • computer systems powered by ‘hybrid’ green energy sources;
  • green computers and energy conservation;
  • computer systems housed in green buildings;
  • green operating practices and procedures; and
  • green ‘open source’ software solutions.
The following are links to 'green' technology information, tools, and web sites that you might find of use in crafting your 'green' computing plans, policies, and operating procedures.
Organization Links
Green Computing Projects
News Links
    Articles & Studies
    Software & Tools


    Do you work for an organization that has incorporated their commitment to 'green' technology and solutions into their corporate plans and/or operating  policies & procedures? Tell us about it and give us a link to their plans, policy statements, or other information resources so we can learn from your organization.

    * Visit for more detailed information about 'green' technologies & solutions.

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